“My Journey with Parkinson’s” is a personal account of a woman’s 14 year journey living with Parkinson’s Disease.

It includes a detailed account of her diagnosis, her challenges with Parkinson's and her current healing.

It was written to inform, to give support and offer hope to anyone else who is on the same journey.

Thank you for being a part of my journey.

About Cheryl Clingen

My name is a Cheryl Clingen I am an artist, miniaturist, mother and wife living in Johannesburg South Africa.

After living with Parkinson’s for over 14 years and experiencing the extreme depths of the “disease” and diagnosis I can truly and humbly say that I am an "expert" of the disease. Not as a professional healthcare provider, but as someone who has lived through it.

This blog is my personal account of my experiences of being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2002, living with it for a period of 14 years, my experiences with the Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery (DBS) and my unexpected healing that is currently taking place.

I have written it for those who have been diagnosed with the “disease” and who are currently living with its symptoms which come in many forms. I have decided to share my life’s experience with this “disease” in order to assist and share with those who have just been diagnosed with it or with those who are currently challenged with its side effects.

I originally began writing this for as part of a personal blog which was going to highlight a bad experience I had in 2013. As I wanted to share a more positive experience, I changed it to My Journey with Parkinson’s Disease when I unexpectedly went through a whole new process which changed my life forever.

As you will learn while reading my blog posts that there have been significant improvements in my physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Something that is completely unheard of in patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. By writing it I hope to inspire others who are living with Parkinson’s to keep going and never give up.

Thank you for reading my story and thank you for being a part of my journey.

Diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease

Publish Date 29 May 2015  |  Posted Cheryl  |  Filed under Parkinson's Disease

My personal irony of being diagnosed is that my passion in life is to create miniature art and handmade porcelain dolls. I studied for and achieved my international Masters of Porcelain doll making from the Doll Artisan Guild in New York. I won many awards locally and internationally and also achieved my Teacher’s certificate and Artisanship.

At the height of my doll making career, I was struck down with the onset of Parkinson’s Disease, and 10 years later with arthritis in my hands. My reputation as a doll maker and miniaturist had just begun to grow internationally and my creations were sought after by collectors from around the world.

The symptoms began in the year 2000 with a strange “stiff” feeling in my left pinkie and ring finger when I was typing. I mentioned this to my family but it was dismissed as nothing to worry about. About a year later my left hand began to twitch. I was encouraged to see my doctor “just in case”. In December 2001 I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

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Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery

Publish Date 29 May 2015  |  Posted by Cheryl  |  Filed under Parkinson's Disease, Deep Brain Stimulation

Deep Brain Stimulation surgery is a surgical procedure which involves placing two electrodes deep within the brain and a remote controlled battery (Similar to a pacemaker) just below the collar bone.

In 2011 I was fortunate enough to undergo deep brain stimulation surgery and receive the benefits of the surgery.

This chapter of my story involves my experiences of the surgery and the impact that the DBS implant has had on my life.

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Healing My Parkinson's Disease

Publish Date 29 May 2015  |  Posted Cheryl  |  Filed under Healing Parkinson's Disease

This is a chapter of my life is something I never believed I would have authored.

Parkinson’s disease is a subject that actually very little is known about. Up until now there is no known cure or even known cause for the disease. I have not been able to come across a case where a full recovery has taken place.

However in a short space of a few months I have seen a dramatic transformation in my mental, emotional and physical state of wellbeing.

It is still a work in progress, however I hope this part of my story will help others who are struggling with the challenges associated with Parkinson's Disease and provide them with the knowledge, strength and perspective to help them get through it.

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